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pretty_flawless's Journal

Only the best....
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Welcome to Pretty_Flawless
This community is for everyone who wants to be perfect. Anyone who will do anything to reach their goals. We are here to support each other in our challenge to be the best. We provide the motivation, thinspiration, support, quotes and just friendliness to help us succeed. We dont want to be second best and we wont be.

Once you have joined this community you must put a link to us on your profile
Promote this community everywhere
You must be seen to be active in this community - post, comment etc!!
Please do not take offence to peoples opinions
Make sure all posts are friends only
Pictures to be under a cut

You must do an introduction post which includes you stats and any other info you wish to share. Anyone failing to do this within 48 hours of joining will be deleted.

Anyone seen to be breaking the rules or being disrespectfull will be deleted, and named and shamed.