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Apology for awful spelling

sorry i'd just like to apologise for my dreadful spelling in that last post, i type way too fast lol and btw she = mum lol
im also 15 btw and live in the UK
Does anyone know any good excersises i can do in my room which don't involve jumping around? ty xx

yay i posted!

ooh i think ive figured out how to post! go me!
cw: 120 lbs
h: 5ft 7" about
Gw: under 100 lbs 

bit of a rant
i was aiming to try 2468 as the most i can fast for is a day which sucks but might be able to do better when holidays are over but i think i can just get away with  just having an omelett a day which is like 24 calories and then if she wants me to have dinner, room, bin. Im pretty confidence it can work my mum told me today ive might have put on weight coz my jeans are tight so no regrets i will loose wait!!

think thin :D


im new to this comunity i found it when looking at thr pro ana one which i have been waiting to join since xmas:)
but i am a member of the redbraclet comunity
i have been daiagnosed with anorexia for a year my stats-
hw- 110
cw- 83
gw- 75
lw- 62
age 15
but as im in recovery i am VERY closly watched so is hard to get away with things but as i trick the scales they think im gaining so have some more freedom
think thin
what do you think of my dp?
its me at 92lb


im completely new to LJ.
and i joined souly to have a place to talk about EDs and to give and get support!

my stats:
age: 16 (going on 17)
height: 162cm
highest: 60kg
current: 57kg
lowest: 52kg
GOAL: 45kg or lower.

fresh start

Hey everyone!

I'm 5ft 2 and weigh 119lbs.  i really want to make it down to 98lbs by June... does anyone think it's possible?  I'm starting a 300 cal a day diet today so i'll let you know how i get on.  does anyone have any tips to stop me from caving in?  

think thin people... we can lose this!  if anyone needs help im here for them.

take care, be strong! x x x x x x x

Hello, Hello.

Hello! I'm new here.
I'm Bree how is everyone here today =]
Here are my stats:
age: 16
Hight : 5'4
CW: I don't have scales ATM =[
HW: 60 kg
LW: 45 kg's
GW1: 55kgs
GW2: 50 kgs
LT GW3: 45kgs

Just wondering anyone else as short as me lol at my age, cause i look like a short chubby elf thingy LOL
Well yeah
Looking forward to getting to know you guys heaps
Catch ya Mwahz x0x0x0x

my progress

52 kg now.
when i joined i was 58. good huh?but not good enough. keep working hard! actually at university im not using my bus pass, im walking everywhere for exercise.

where is everybody??

this place is so empty, doesnt anybody post anymore? what happened? everyone gave up, got fat, and doesnt wanna post anymore?

ive had a not so good week. only been to the gym twice, was happy to wear uk size 8 trousers, then checked the label and they were a 10 on an 8 hanger. that upset me. my 8 jeans fit ok but my thighs are so fat, it looks disgusting. 3 weeks ago I was 64kg, now im 56kg. not a bad loss but im so far off and disgusting. and i need to drink more water.
water is so good for meee! i know it but when i can get a drink im not thirsty, but as soon as im somewhere i cant have one, i get thirsty. like now. in bed, at midnight, when i cant go downstairs because the stairs creek when fat people walk down them and ill wake everyone up. not good.

anyway, take care of yourselves
height: 157cm
current weight: 58kg
highest weight: 64kg
lowest weight: 50kg
goal weight: 40kg

i tend to lose slowly and regain quickly when i go home for holidays and am force fed. Im ashamed to admit ive never had a bmi lower than 22 for more than a couple of days at a time; The semester just seems too short....
Im really happy to be a part of this community.