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Hey everyone :)

I am leaving the community as i am pregnant and need to concentrate on my baby.


If you want to be the maintainer then reply to this now, if not i will shut down the community



ive noticed many people on here have aim instead of msn, so i created an aim account!
i though maybe we could give support to eachother and stuff like that, when im home, im always online! so if you want, you can add me!
jace xD
yup. with the space.
or if you want ill add you, but post your screen name!


hi! im just going to introduce myself, since i just got accepted!

age: 15

CW: 113.08
HW: 117.48
GW: 88
LW: 107.58
Height: 5'1 1/2

CW: 51.4
HW: 53.4
GW: 40
LW: 48.9
Height: 156

mmm.. what else....
i really want to lose those 11 kilos! didi anyone lose that much weight? how long did it take you?
right now im really into coke zero ^^ Its the best! If you havent had it yet, go buy it, because it really fills you up, and there are 3 calories in a 1.5 liter bottle!!!

Im starting a fast. Coke Zero fast xD
it gives me all the caffeine i need, so i wont feel like im going to faint.
want to fast with me?
hey everyone! sorry i havnt been on for agessss
i convised the clinic i was ready to leave:) thank god for weights in the bra!
age 15
cw 85
lw- 73
gw 80
hw 100
so how are you all?!

newbie :)

hey, i just got accepted so yay :)

height- 5"3
cw- around 120 (i won't dare to weigh myself now)
lw- 113 (in november)
hw- 142 (year and 1/2 ago)
gw1- 114

i would like to be 114 in a few weeks, hopefully by by the ninth of may! that would be wonderful.
im doing 400-500 cals a day, biking for at least an hour daily (burns 550 cals per hour)

Apr. 20th, 2008

Omg guys I'm actually just shitting myself, I need to lose like at the very least 8lbs in 10 days. So quick weight loss.

Maybe its weird to ask but any tips? Maybe a liquid fast and lots of exercise? I've heard the maple syrup diet is effective but I cant trust media.

What works best? because up to now I've been just binging then staving and its getting me prettty much no where >_<

Please and thank you =] xxx

Apr. 20th, 2008

I've been lurking on here for quite a while, so i finally signed up =]
Joy to world I'm chubby T-T I went from being all skinny to being revoltingly huge, I can't look at myself in the mirror anymore, so I've been relying on my scales. Had some fat off

Here are my statistics.

My height: 5ft 7ins - 5ft 8.5ins
Current weight: 126 lbs
Highest weight: 126 lbs
Lowest weight: 98lbs
Waist: 27 inch
Hips:   37 inchs
Overall goal weight: 105lbs (for now)

GW1: 120 lbs (asap)

So far I've limited my daily in take to 500 calories a day, and I'm started exercising again, jogging/ running around the park for 2 hours a day, morning or evening. Then I wanna start swimminggggggg =]


Been clinging to this stash of image for inspiration:


Mary-Kate olsen is so beautiful.

I loves it =]

Introduction. :)

Hey everybody, my name is Anna Madonna... most people call me Madonna, I've almost always went by my middle name, however I guess I've kind of developed a use of my first name as of late.
I'm 22, a mother, a girlfriend & I'd like to think a really great friend to those who know me.
Height: 5`11"
Weight: 119
HW: 180
LW: 100
GW: 110
Although right now I'm pregnant, so it's on a bit of a pause. 
Any questions or request for pictures, ask away! :)

A. Madonna 
Hi, so yeah but i was jsut wondering when ever sum1 does sit up or crunces does their chest really hurt? and im not asthmatic

if people know any tips to reduce this help would be appreciated xxx